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Camps & Clinics Mission Statement

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Speed Revolution is committed to providing world class performance enhancement training and education…. PERIOD!  Whether it is at one of our own camps or clinics, or a camp or clinic that we are assisting with. We take pride in what we do, and are committed to providing top notch instruction from players and coaches that have reached the highest levels of their sport. 


At every camp and clinic our mission is to:


- Provide feedback for every repetition!  Our coaches are passionate about helping an athlete to be better! If it’s not being done right, our coaches will stop the drill and provide the feedback to help get it right.


- We work to motivate our athletes to stay involved in the process and perform at their highest level.  We coach athlete’s to strive to be better technically.  And we do everything we can to help them achieve their goals.


- Provide well organized and detailed instruction.  We come prepared to only provide the best training possible.


- We strive to always remember an athletes first name and use it!


-Our coaches truly coach! We strive to only work with coaches that are motivational, active, and accomplished!


- We clearly explain “why we do what we do” at all times.  We have a reason behind the drills that we use, and we make a point to explain how each drill helps an athlete to improve.


- We provide the same world class instruction and passion to athlete’s of every level.  Whether you are a developmental athlete or elite athlete we work to improve your performance.  We also work equally with age-group, high school, or world class athletes.


- We see no need for profanity.  There are many other ways to convey what we are trying to accomplish.


- We are committed to helping the athletes off the track, field, or court.  Whether it is in regards to academics, athletics, scholarships, sponsorships or simply just friendly advice, we make ourselves available.


- We focus on keeping things moving.  There is nothing worse than “dead time”.  Every athlete should be moving or interacting unless it is a designated rest period. 


- We push our athletes to come out of their comfort zone.  We work to develop an athletes confidence by exposing them to new drills and by putting them in situations where they go head to head with athletes that may be more advanced.


Experience the REVOLUTION!


Give us a call, or email us at if you want us to assist you in your own Camp or Clinic. Or, you want us to put on a Speed Revolution Sports Camp for your team, school, business or organization. We are here to help!

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