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Program Design

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Imagine getting a custom designed world class training program for football combine training, track and field, strength training, or speed and agility. And, having a coach that you can consult with as an extra benefit!  You tell us the details and we will design the best possible program!


Are you a coach in need of a little help in designing a training program?  Or an athlete that needs a “virtual coach” to help guide you to getting the results that your hard work deserves?  If so, let us help you!


We currently offer custom designed programs that address all of your training needs and we give you access to our coaches via phone and e-mail to further enhance the implementation of those programs.


Our standard and custom designed, individual and team training programs are top notch, no-nonsense programs, that are designed to meet your specific needs.  We take into account your length of training, location of training, available equipment, and number of athletes.  Included in your program design are inspirational quotes, warm-up routines, detailed workouts, cool-down routines, and recording sheets. 


And if your team is in an area where we already have an Speed Revolution Coach, we will send him out to your practice for a personal consultation to gather information that will further enhance your program.


Call or e-mail us at for very reasonable pricing or other information.

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